Establishing his company in 1993, Billy Pulaski has brought elegance and spirituality to paradise. A designer, whose passion is manifested through his work, provides a synergy between man and nature and is the true story behind Tropical Water Features, founded in Waimanalo, Hawaii.

A composer of inhabitants, traveling the globe and experiencing architecture and culture, harmoniously translates the symbolism, textures and ideals of worldly elements into unimaginable spaces. He continues to build with consciousness, reflected in the use of indigenous material crafted by local artisans, bringing balance and unity to his compositions.

The creations of Tropical Water Features form a connection between the interior space and the exterior environment. Sophisticated water gardens, pools and spas with gentle streams cascading over natural rock formations are a signature mark. Tranquil retreats reflecting nature’s breathtaking beauty, bold statuaries and lush landscaping, generously layered with tropical plants, are a sampling of features one would encounter from this accomplished design firm.

Billy Pulaski’s works carry the Hawaiian sensibility and are constructed throughout the islands with additional designs in Arizona. He has received recognition for the design of the “Hawaii Hobbit House” at Pukalani Falls, completed in April 2004, Surfer Statue and Fountain at Waikiki Beach, Water Features at Wyland Hotel Waikiki and the Hilton Hawaiian Village Mandara Day Spa to just name a few.

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Waikiki Beach | Waimanalo | Kaumana Hilo
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